Hi, I have been reading through several articles on the IDM MS AD driver and I can't seem to find any articles and/or samples on how to create users in AD and place them in different Active Directory OUs based on group membership from eDir.

ex. 1. In the identity vault (IDV), I have all my users in the following OU. (active.users.data)
2. In the IDV vault, I have a OU for groups in the following OU. (groups.data)

If I have a user that is part of a eDir group named (Miami.groups.data), how would I place the users in Active Directory under the following OU (ou=miami,ou=USA,dc=acme,dc=local) or have a user that is part of the eDir group named (Paris.groups.data) and place the user in the AD OU named (ou=paris,ou=emea,dc=acme,dc=local)

Your help is greatly appreciated.