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> Our environment is composed of: - Metadirectory server running SLES
> 11 with IDM 4.0.1 and eDir 8.8.6

And this is where the driver is running, presumably in a tree we'll
refer to as 'metadirectory'. Okay so far.

> - NDS server running SLES 11 with IDM 4.0.1, eDir 8.8.6 and
> eDirectory Driver

Concern here.... is this also in the 'metadirectory' tree? If not, we
have problems.

> - GroupWise server running SLES 11 with GroupWise 2012 and GroupWise
> Remote Loader installed. The MTA and POA are on the NDS server.

If the MTA and POA are on the 'NDS server' then what do you have on this
GW server? Another MTA or POA?

> We installed GroupWise 3.5.3 driver on the metadirectory server.

So the answer will depend on your environment. The documentation states
that you must run the GW driver config from the tree in which GW already
resides. For example, if 'metadirectory' is a tree and (as you stated)
the GW driver config is running from this tree then you're fine, but if
'metadirectory' is a tree and the 'NDS server' is in a different tree
then you're probably in trouble since one would assume that the GW
server, on the 'NDS server' as well as the 'Groupwise server' are in a
different tree which will not work because IDM needs to be able to
manipulate the GW attributes in eDirectory directly, and can only do
that by accessing its own DIB. If this is the case, run the GW driver
config from the 'NDS server' machine's tree directly to GW and then just
synchronize users between that server and the metadirectory as well.
That does not help with your entitlements, but hopefully you can just
push them over to the other tree too.

Good luck.
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