On 03.05.2012 16:06, darenr wrote:
> The error presented from the AD Driver when attempting to provision an
> account with the homeMDB set: "exchange 2010 exception. code: 0x00000092
> error completing exchange 2010 command. No snap-ins have been registered
> for windows powershell version 2"
> - I have the remote loaded installed on the DC but Exchange 2010
> running on another server.
> - The DC has the IDMEx2010Service.exe service running
> - AD Driver account member of Recipient Management and Organization
> Management AD Groups
> - PowerShell: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
> Note: Same AD Driver works in my lab with Remote Loader,
> IDMEx2010Service.exe and Exchange on the same server.
> =>The 'Enable-Mailbox' cmdlet could be made to work on the DC when I
> did tried the following in PowerShell:
> $Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange
> -ConnectionUri http://<exchangeserver_fqdn>/PowerShell/ -Authentication
> Kerberos
> Import-PSSession $Session
> The issue is that when the Powershell session is terminated then so is
> the PSSession to Exchange.
> I feel I have overlooked something and would appreciate any
> assistance.

May be a stupid question, but have you installed the Exchange 2010
Management Tools for 64-bit on the DC running the remote loader? This is
a pre-req as per the docs.


Haven't tested it myself, but I suspect you'd get these kind of errors
if you hadn't installed this on the DC (as the IDMEx2010Service makes
use of this local exchange management tools install)

Would also explain why you don't have the issue in test (where Exchange
is on the same box as your DC and thus you do have Exchange management
tools installed on your DC)