IDM AE on RedHat against Active Directory 2008, running remote
loader 3.5.16 build of addriver.dll.

Have an AD driver doing group sync on the Pub channel only.

Ok, so everything is fine, except if I take a group in both systems (Org
Role in eDir, don't ask why, long story) and cause a pub channel
Match/Merge in terms of the Association being added (or not) to the Org
Role in eDir.

So in QA they managed to get AD to send in a <modify> before an <add>.
which is weird, but lets not go there. It should have worked, but it
revealed two issues, now resolved. However to reproduce and test, we
find a group we sycned already, remove DirXML-Associations, then just
add a member in Active Directory.

This generates a Pub channel <modify> no Associated user in eDir. So
Synthetic add, queries AD for attrs to build the <add>. Hits Match
rule, now matches correctly, goes into Merge processing. Queries eDir
for attrs, gets them back correctly.

Processes otherwise correctly, but once we get a DirXML-Association
added, another couple of times we do not.

In all cases, the query to eDir for the current objects state returns
with a node like this inside the <instance> doc.

state="associated">d39ba41aacc7fb4180246d59f5a3d53 5</association>

Everything works perfect, and as expected its just the end result
differs. There does not seem to be any indication in Level 3 trace that
this association event getting added. (Unlike a Sub channel add, where
the <add-association> event comes back through the ITP with the <status>

Should it show up in trace at all? I.e. do you guys see any indicator
that the association is being added? I have been comparing a working
and non-working example, no joy.

Working example:

All except association working: