I have an odd situation. There is a source eDirectory tree that has all my
Groups and Users. I created a second eDirectory tree and linked the two
with eDir drivers. I noticed something strange; originally in the new tree
I had my User objects with the Group Membership attribute properly showing
the memberships but the Group objects showed no one on the Members
attribute. I thought that maybe I could delete the association (both sides
of the eDir drivers) for the Groups delete them from the new tree and
re-migrate them into the new tree to fix the Member attribute. Well,
apparently when I cleared out all the Group objects from the tree it wiped
out the Group Memberships from the User objects (*sigh*). I did
successfully re-migrate the Groups back into the new tree (no Members
showing up still). So now I have all my Groups and User objects in the new
tree but no info for the Members attribute on the Groups and no Group
Memberships on the Users.

Next I did a test with my own user. I deleted the association on my user
for both the eDir drivers and migrated my user from the source eDir tree to
the new eDir tree. The driver successfully matched my user object and
created the association. I found that now my user object has all my Group
Memberships, but when I checked one of the corresponding Groups' Members
attribute, it does not show my User. So, I'm trying to figure out the best
way to get all the information into this new eDir tree (the Members
attribute for the Group and the Group Memberships for the User). Does
anyone have suggestions? I did check and I do not have the Member attribute
for the Group class in the filter between the two trees. I'm wondering if
it is needed since I have another eDir to eDir situation that is configured
the same way but all the information on both object types is synchronizing
just fine (no Member attribute in the filter for Group object).

I am cautious on changing much on the source tree since it is production
data. The new tree is a test environment (data configured to flow one way
into the new tree).

If you need more information please let me know, and as always any help is
greatly appreciated.