On Fri, 11 May 2012 16:56:01 +0000, moularbi wrote:

> We want to generate customized eMail address when an account is created
> in GroupWise and sync it to the Metadirectory.

We do something like this here.

> Should I use the Preferred Internet eMail ID(50319)


> and Internet domain name (50045)attributes?

I don't know GroupWise well enough to answer this part.

> How can I sync it to the metadirectory?

You don't. Generate the "custom" email address (we call it an "email
alias" here) in the metadirectory, then use it to set the Preferred
Internet Email ID in GroupWise.

> I have
> another question about GroupWise licenses. We have to manage full
> licenses and limited licenses for users. Does anyone know which
> attribute is used for that?

I don't believe the GW driver can manage licenses.

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