You can create any valid LDAP query inclusion criteria using the RBE GUI.
It just takes a little poking to understand the interface. If you post one we can go through it and
figure out what parts you aren't seeing.

On 5/9/2012 11:06 AM, misaacs wrote:
> We have been successfully using dynamic groups in our eDir environment
> for a number of years, and we now have a need to "sync" those groups to
> AD. After reading thru the forum, we have decided to do this by
> converting our dynamic groups to RBEs and adding the users to an AD
> group via an entitlement.
> However, some of our dynamic groups have VERY complex queries that I
> don't believe I can duplicate with the GUI-based member query tool that
> is part of the RBE snap-in for iManager. When initially we created our
> dynamic groups, we imported the queries with an LDIF file using ICE. I
> tried doing that with RBE, and it works great....until I go in to make a
> modification to the RBE (like including a static member), then it
> overwrites my query with whatever query is in the RBE GUI (which is the
> default of "objectclass=user").
> Any suggestions?