On Mon, 14 May 2012 18:16:01 +0000, Driver Girl wrote:

> I am having some difficulties with the Microsoft ADAM driver. This
> driver I am using to connect from eDir to a Microsoft ADAM directory, I
> can create and it's doing that fine. Where the problem comes in. If I
> go into the user in edirectory and look at the association on the ADAM
> driver I get Association does not resolve to an object in the
> application. In the past with other drivers I have not had this
> trouble, is there an association I need to set to make this work ?

Sorry, no idea what iManager is looking for. What's the actual DirXML-
Association value that shows up (show us an LDIF export) on the object?
Does it work (show us a level 3 trace), or not?

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