Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a JDBC shim with an unsupported third-party driver
(KBSQL). The driver starts up fine and I can even migrate records into
my Identity Vault just fine. The configuration is triggerless/direct.
There is just one view, which is mapped to class User.

The problem occurs when the Publisher channel queries the DB for
changes. The SELECT statement is wrong. The database schema name is "M"
and the view name is JAM_SKR_EXTRACT_VIEW. The driver is issuing: SELECT
ASC. This generates an application error: Unable to select row(s) from
table/view 'M.JAM_SKR_EXTRACT_VIEW.'

The error is due to the driver shim prepending "A" to the field name.
I've tried changing my connection string and played with just about every
driver parameter I think might apply. No luck.

Anybody seen this before? Any ideas how to fix this? I opened a Support
Request, but the engineer doesn't want to call me back. He only wants to
report a bug.

Thanks for your help.