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> I'm running the Google Apps 1.0.0 on IdM and I'm coming across
> an interesting crash where if a preferredName attribute (maps to GA's
> NickNames) comes across with an empty value, the driver crashes (much
> more detail at the bottom).

I'd consider the crash to be a bug in the driver. You might check to see
if there's a newer shim version available.

> <modify-attr attr-name="NickNames">
> <remove-value>
> <value timestamp="1333633122#7"
> type="string">contactinfo</value>
> </remove-value>
> <add-value>
> <value

> </add-value>
> </modify-attr>

What produced this document? Generally, adding an empty value like that
is something that eDirectory and IDM try to avoid, though it can still

> I was wondering how to go about tackling this.

Perin's "remove empty attributes from the document" rule:

<description>Strip attributes with empty value tags</description>
<do-strip-xpath expression=".//value[.='']"/>
<do-strip-xpath expression=".//modify-attr/add-value[not(*)]"/>
<do-strip-xpath expression=".//modify-attr/remove-value[not(*)]"/>
<do-strip-xpath expression=".//modify-attr[not(*)]"/>
<do-strip-xpath expression=".//add-attr[not(*)]"/>
<do-strip-xpath expression=".//attr[not(*)]"/>

seems to work for this case (it removes the empty <add-value>). I use
this a lot on the Input Transform of DelimText drivers to prevent empty
fields from showing up. In this case, you're probably on the Subscriber
channel, so a policy on the Subscriber Command Transform should take care
of it.

I don't know if there are other side effects of removing the preferredName
(NickName) attribute. Does that work in Google? (I think it does, but
don't have a way to check right now.)

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