On 5/29/2012 5:06 AM, hharpreet wrote:
> Hi Experts
> Please help me in doing following:
> 1. User get provisioned from Flat File (working FIne).
> 2. In Flat file, user has the Manager ID (Manager employee ID)
> Now the problem is i do not how to search employee ID =Manager ID
> and set the attribute.
> I tried using Queries in rule of Policy but unable to do so.

You should ask in the engine-drivers forum (I posted this followup there).

Two options.
1) This one is clever, if set up right. What is the Association value
you set for this driver? If it is the employeeID then you can use the
Resolve token to resolve an association to DN, and pass in the managers ID.

2) Set local variable, lets call it Q, as a nodeset, as a Query to the
destination, subtree, match employeeId equal to op attr manager
employeeID value.

Then set local variable DN to string, XPATH of $Q/@src-dn.

Then test, if local variable equal (regex compare) .+ (make sure you got
a value) then set dest attr manager as local variable DN.