On 5/25/2012 5:06 PM, lvaradha wrote:
> IDM 4.0
> AD Driver 3.5.16
> I have AD Driver configured and working fine for AD user creation and
> exchange account creation. Now here I have the GCV value enabled with
> Exchange mailbox provisioning : User Exchange mail box entitlement.
> By having this option i have exchange account created as same as
> userID.
> eg:
> user ID: test1
> exchange account is getting creation as test1@hello.com
> How can i control the exchange account creation with this GCV option
> enabled?
> eg:
> userID : test1
> I want to have email ID something other than the userID eg:
> testone@hello.com
> Is there any way i can control the exchange account creation? so that i
> can present the email field in the user creation request form and ask
> them to enter the email id if they not want to have same as userID.

I think the email address is defined in the new RUS like policies you
set in Exchange. I.e you pass in the data, and then Exchange sets it
for you per your pattern?

If not, I imagine it would be setting proxyAddresses as
SMTP:email@domain.com where the upper case SMTP means primary vs smtp:
which means secondary.