On 5/29/2012 12:56 PM, mdadik wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using IDM 40 with Notes Driver, and currently some users don't have
> their mail file created on the Notes server depending on some user
> attribute, their Notes mail system is set to 3 (Other). They don't have
> a mail address but a redirect address
> When this users moves from a service to a specific service, they need
> to have a mail file created.
> I have successfully changed the mail system to 0 (Notes) and set the
> filename, servername, domainname, mail, and so on on my subscriber
> command transformation policy but the .nsf file is not created on the
> Notes server.
> Can you please help in witch script command I can use to create this
> file name on the Notes server for this modify operation.

That is a good question. It is easy to do on create... I do not know
what happens when you try to do it on a modify? Well you can move a
mail file right? But that is an adminp process, so that probably is
different and does not count. (Or am I thinking about recertifying a
user from one OU to another?). If this is an adminp process (ask your
Domino admin) then you can send the command via policy if needed.
Section 5.10 of the docs:

any one with more recent notes experience who recalls the answer?