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> Hi, I have a system with an old version of DirXML (Ver 1.1, AD Driver
> Version

Wow, that's old.

> What is the best method of moving to IDM401?

Depending on the size of this implementation, I'd be really tempted to
say "start over". You gain so much by doing so that unless it would
affect tens of thousands of users, I'd probably go that way. Put up a SLES
server and build an ID Vault on it with IDM401. Implement Universal
Password on your existing eDirectory system and on the new vault. Then
connect the new Vault tree to your existing eDirectory tree and import
the users. Once that's done, connect to your Active Directory domain, and
let the Subscriber Matching Rule do its thing. Then turn off your old
DirXML 1.1 system and let the new IDM4 system do everything.

> I've tried to look at the existing driver properties
> with iManager but it complained that the minimum version of IDM should
> be 3.0.1. Thanks in advance.

DirXML 1.1a was managed by ConsoleOne. It's also done entirely in XSLT
stylesheets. If you found a really old version of iManager, it might
still support the IDM2 changes and the upgrade from the old policy
linkage (1.1a) model, but IMHO that's not likely. You could, I think,
import this system in to Designer to have a look at it.

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