On 6/3/2012 4:46 PM, magnus wrote:
> Is there a way to define a attribute in the Identity vault and not store
> the value, and when the vaule is requested the engine performs a backend
> query?
> For example: A salary attribute is defined in a HR driver but is not
> synced to IDV but when another driver asks for the IDV salary attribute
> value the engine queries the HR driver and pass it on..
> I recall I saw something similar at Brainshare a few years ago..

I vaguely recall something like On Demand, but never actually used it,
nor did I find any quick references to it.

Now with IDm 4.x (really 3.5 I think) you can inject a query into
another driver and get a result back. But as a driver action, not as an
LDAP read of an attribute.

So if in DriverB you need to get this info, and DriverA (HR system) is
capable of querying for it, you could inject a query into DriverA from
DriverB and get teh data back.