magnus <> wrote:


Is there a way to define a attribute in the Identity vault and not store
the value, and when the vaule is requested the engine performs a backend
> For example: A salary attribute is defined in a HR driver but is not

synced to IDV but when another driver asks for the IDV salary attribute
value the engine queries the HR driver and pass it on..
> I recall I saw something similar at Brainshare a few years ago..
> T.I.A
> //magnus

That sort of functionality is what you would expect from a virtual
directory. I demo'ed a prototype of a product that would do exactly that
a few years ago at BS. Shortly after that there was a change in
management and that project was put on hold indefinitely.

Before that there was a much more ambitious project for a next
generation directory that would include those sort of capabilities as
well, which I believe was also shown at BS - only to end up on the
chopping block.