Ok, here is may situation. A user already exists in our eDir IDM Vault with
a password. The user gets created in a connected AD system, no password.
The AD driver publisher matching rule uses the LogonNameMap GCV rule and
successfully associates the user currently, but the AD account password does
not get set to the password that is currently set on the account in eDir.

I added an action to the AD driver publisher matching rule that will execute
after the match (see ADmatchLogonNameMapRule). The Action
says "set source password (Destination Attribute
("nspmDistributionPassword")). I want to make sure I have the
source/destination terminology correct before I put the new action into
affect. Again, the user already exists in eDir with a password. When they
get created in AD I want the match to pull the password from eDir from the
account and set it on the AD side. Just trying to verify that I have the
action configured correctly and not backwards (I don't want to wipe out the
eDir password by accident). This is the pub-mp.Publisher.DriverName rule
for the AD driver (see ADpublisherChannelMatch).

Just looking for someone to double-check that my logic is correct for what I
am trying to accomplish.

Thank you,