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> DIRXML_VALUE = Transaction Miscellaneous Info: The parameter contains
> 1...n values that the developer wants to pass to the driver during
> processing. This value might not be available via the Schema object when
> a transaction is processed by the driver. (Example: ASSOC_ID | "|” |

This shows up as a <modify-attr> like any other attribute, like:

<modify-attr attr-name="TransactionValue">
<value>Cmpnt: JOB_DATA_EMP Pg: JOB_DATA1 Mode: A VAL: - Go Huskies!

> This could have a lot of benefit. It would provide a convenient way to
> include event-specific information, as opposed to CIs, which are better
> for state-based information. Unfortunately, this is where the
> documentation stops being useful.

As it's implementation specific, I'm not sure what else the docs should

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