On 6/8/2012 1:56 PM, jboxberger wrote:
> I am new to IDM, and I am having some issues. I am trying to create a
> successful password sync from the main campus AD to the our edirectory.
> The walkthroughs just seem to confuse me, or I have missed something
> crucial in the setup process. Is there any videos or tutorials that
> someone can either direct me to or send me. If not is there any way you
> could send me a step by step from IDM 4 intall to Password sync.

Probably the engine-drivers forum is a better choice for this discussion.

Additionally, have you looked at Aarons articles on this process?


Be aware, to get passwords out of eDir, you enable Universal Password,
which allows retrievable passwords.

To get passwords out of AD, you install a password filter on every DC
that catches every password change event and sends it to the engine.

This means, you can migrate users from eDir to AD and set passwords in
AD to eDir passwords. But you cannot do that in reverse.

If you have specific questions, explain what you tried, how far it got,
and where it failed so we can offer help.