On 6/12/2012 11:46 AM, ccandotti wrote:
> Hello Geoffc,
> Can you give me a guide or example about how to change password in AD?
> (any example)
> I have no more ideas to test and I coudnt change password in any way.

As always, more details on what you want here? Your postings in NNTP
(How I read it) are not nesting properly. I.e. I cannot tell what
thread this is in reply too, per se.

Ok, so AD driver, coming out of eDir, you must have Universal Password
enabled via Password Policy (And sync to Distribution Password as well

Then a password change in eDir, generates a <modify> for attribute

The Sub-Command policies will convert the <modify> of an attribute into
a <modify-password> event to send to the shim, which then sets the
passwords or fails, hopefully showing something in the Remote loader
trace if it fails.

Coming out of AD, you will see on the Pub channel a <modify-password>
which teh Pub-Command rules will follow the GCV settings and morph that
into a <modify> of the attribute, nspmDistributionPassword

Not sure what you are asking beyond that.

To understand these policies, you can read these articles, where I tried
to explain them in much more detail with trace examples: