On Thu, 14 Jun 2012 21:16:01 +0000, kbannister wrote:

> We have an issue where changes made to a user via our HR Department
>>Oracle >(JDBC) are not synchronizing to the GroupWise Address Book. In

> particular, the Telephone number and Title.
> If you do a manual synchronization to the user (in ConsoleOne GroupWise
> snapins), the changes are reflected.

Some more detail would be helpful... If your change originates in HR,
then the JDBC driver is (or is not?) making the change in eDirectory? It
sounds like it is, but confirming that is where I'd start.

A level 3 trace of the JDBC driver should show what it's doing (or not

From eDirectory to GroupWise, then, the GroupWise driver should be making
the change in the GW system. Again, a level 3 trace should show what it's
doing (or not doing).

> If I make a manual change to the user’s Telephone number or Title in
> ConsoleOne, the change is synchronized and the address book is updated
> immediately.

What you're doing in ConsoleOne has nothing to do with IDM, so that's a
red herring at best.

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