Hello all,

I'm upgrading my IDM 3.61 environment to IDM 4.01. I'd like to add
package support without having to recreate all my connectors, but I'm
puzzled by the instructions in the documentation. It says to import the
existing driver set, then "delete all objects stored inside of the
driver." I can delete the policies and style sheets, but not the
filter. Does it mean I should delete the _contents_ of the filter?

Next, I checked the IDM 4 documentation for instructions on installing
the packages to the AD driver. The documentation said "For
instructions, see each driver guide at the Identity Manager Drivers
documentation Web site." The AD Driver documentation said "The process
for upgrading the Active Directory driver is the same as for other
Identity Manager drivers. For detailed instructions, see 'Upgrading
Drivers to Packages' in the Identity Manager 4.0.1 Upgrade and Migration
Guide" ... with a link leading back to where I began. Pardon my french,
but what the frack?!

Does anyone have detailed instructions for installing 4.x packages into
an existing driver?