On 21.06.2012 07:26, lvaradha wrote:
> What i noticed is the AD Driver itp-EntitlementImps Rule is getting
> rejected
> Evaluating selection criteria for rule 'Check target of
> add-association for Exchange mailbox entitlements'.
> [06/19/12 22:37:13.137]:ActiveDirectory_Internal PT:
> (if-global-variable 'drv.exchMailboxMethod' equal "entitlement") =
> [06/19/12 22:37:13.138]:ActiveDirectory_Internal PT: (if-operation
> equal "add-association") = FALSE.
> [06/19/12 22:37:13.138]:ActiveDirectory_Internal PT: Rule rejected.
> My custom policy to change the mailnickName is in the above Rule is
> getting rejected as per the trace.

That is because your test object was already associated with AD. SO the
operation was a modify rather than an add.

Your engine trace looks incomplete though, it seems to have not logged
any trace events for NOVLADENTEX-sub-ctp-EntitlementsImpl but must have
actually processed it.

Try again with a proper add (ie creating a user in AD) and then your itp
rule should trigger.

If you want to also ensure the mailnickname is updated on a merge
scenario (for example a user is re-associated with AD and you want to
update the mailnickname to reflect the changes in the IDV) then you will
likely need to make some changes on the subscriber command transform.
It's been a while since I looked into that - I recall that the you need
to send homeMDB update and mailnickname update as two separate modifies
for that to work.