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things to change in Designer prefs)


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Anyway, the new packaged Database drivers are there, new Sentinel 7 via
REST (vs JMS as in previous build), new SAP UM default config and some
others, Notes password sync.

Heads up, if you take any of the 2.0.x builds in D4.01 almost certainly
you will not be able to use them in D4.01.

The version format in D4.02 changed, and is now or
the like, and 4.01 cannot show the trailing date stamp, and if you try
to use it, get a strange flickering.

Importing into your Catalog won't hurt, you just cannot use it until
D4.02 is released as part of IDM 4.02, which is due sometime in the

Looks like just the DB packs are new format, so you should be fine.