On 6/25/2012 4:26 AM, are79 wrote:
> geoffc;2143827 Wrote:
>>> Support... true, but Designer can (and does) do this, specifically
>>> during the Integrated Installer's deployment of everything. I do

>> not
>>> think that option has been exposed but it'd be a little neat, though

>> why
>>> you'd do this from Designer when you could open up the full Designer

>> app
>>> and deploy is not something I completely understand outside of the
>>> Integrated Installer.

>> Since it is scripted, ought the command be visible somehow in the II
>> scripts? Have to go digging, since this is an interesting feature to
>> have!

> Dear enthusiasts! Is there anything new about this topic?

Yes. It is actually documented in the IDM 4.02 docs. Designer Admin
guide, at the end in an appendix.

I found a driver that used the code in an early release that is since
deprecated, but there was an idea for a while there, on seeing a new
server join a tree, as an event in IDM policy. To deploy a new driver
to it and start it up. Clever eh?