On 6/25/2012 8:56 AM, rbollig wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to do the following: Underneath an organizationalUnit in a
> Lotus Notes directory I need to create additional org.Units, under which
> several other objects will be place.
> These orgUnits are fairly simple and need not be be certifiers, just
> orgUnits. When logging in with LDAP Browsers - I tried three - with the
> same user that the driver makes use of
> I can create these orgUnits with not problem at all; it's just
> selecting the objekt type, adding the mandatory attribute (ou) and all
> good.
> Doing the same as a "add before current operation" operation, with the
> correct dest-dn (ou=Bla/ou=BlaBla/o=BlaBlaBla/C=de) and the mandatory
> attribute shows success messages in
> trace and remote loader trace, but when checking for these objects in
> the directory I see: nothing !
> Working with IDM 4.0.1, latest patches, 32-bit Remote Loader and 8.5.
> Notes Client towards the Notes Database.

Does AdminP need to do something for a new OU to be recognized by the