On 30.06.2012 20:56, gdellatorre wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm configuring a ADDriver on a customer infrastructure that should be
> able to provide mailbox.
> The infrastructure has a single Active Directory, but they can have
> mail on different mail domains (e.g. usr1@alpha.com, usr2@beta.net)
> managed by the same exchange server (the same user can have only 1 mail,
> not more mail in more domains).
> Is it possible to implement this through ADDriver?
> I mean: if I assign the exchange mailbox entitlement for a user (e.g.
> usr3) , the driver provide an e-mail on the default mail domain (e.g.
> usr3@alpha.com), but is it possibile to change the behaviour in order to
> provide the mail on a different mail domain (e.g. usr@beta.net) ?
> Thank you

I would suggest that you try and do this in Exchange with email address
policies. Look at the help for New-EmailAddressPolicy and decide on a
criteria to distinguish what mail domain should be used for each user.
Then ensure that criteria is set when creating or modifying a user via IDM.

If you decide that the above solution isn't suitable. Then IDM402 has
the ability to execute additional powershell cmdlets (limited to AD &
Exchange cmdlets) so you can override or supplement the default
(limited) Exchange support built into the ADDriver