On 7/4/2012 9:36 AM, sma wrote:
> Hello,
> My system 3.6.1 is running SAP User driver for years and I did applied
> the latest patch 3.5.7 patch 3 for jco2. This is very simple, just
> replace the sapusershim.jar , and cycle edir.
> Unfortunately, this doesn't work, I could copy the file, but even if I
> reboot the server, the logs still show version 3.5.3.
> I even deleted the sapusershim.jar, and the driver still starts
> properly (it's magic :->>)
> The server is Windows 2003 (virtual) with 19 different drivers running,
> there are 6 SAP User drivers running to synchronize multiple SAP
> systems.
> Amazingly, if I start the same driver on the 2 other IDM servers (not
> running other drivers) it starts properly, with the new driver version.
> I guess this is a memory problem but the reboot did not solve it , and
> this is very strange for me ...

You have a second copy of that jar or class in the class path.

Now for the fun of finding it!