On 06.07.2012 17:06, lvaradha wrote:
> Hello,
> I am having the same requirement to change the mailNickName from
> SourceName to output of Substring(
> length=1,sourceAttribute(Givenname)+ SourceAttribute(Lastname))
> I tried all the forums post but i am not getting it to work.
> Can you help me on this, Which policy you changed and what attributes
> needs to be updated for this?

If you are trying to set the mailNickname so that you can generate an
email address in the format described above, then why can't you instead
customise the default E-Mail Address Policies/Recipient Policy directly
on Exchange? That is a far simpler solution.
For example to match your requirements simply define a custom Email
Address Template as: SMTP:%1g%s@yourdomain.com

Otherwise, please post a level 3 trace (both engine and driver shim).

Also in the Exchange Mailbox GCV, do you have it set to "Entitlements"
or "Policy"