On 07.07.2012 20:56, tsherwin wrote:
> We're in the process of planning an upgrade of our AD Remote Loader and
> driver shim from 3.6.x to 4.0.1. I've got that process down, but what
> I'm not so sure about is updating the pwfilter.dll on the other domain
> controllers. I've rolled out filters initially in several places and am
> familiar with that, but this is the first time I've ever upgraded. Is
> it just a matter of copying the pwfilter.dll or will the Control Panel
> applet do that too? This is further complicated in that the only DC I
> have access to is the box running the RL. I know remote registry is
> enabled as 2 DCs had been added to the environment and didn't have the
> filters, so I shoulder-surfed and had someone push filters to those.

Have you been proactive in patching 3.6.1 to newer AD patch revisions
(including pwfilter.dll)? If so, then this is likely a non-issue as the
latest (excluding the newly released IDM 4.0.2) pwfilter.dll ships
within an AD driver patch that applies to both 3.6.1 and 4.0.1 (ie the
exact same DLL)