nishita jain wrote:

> Hi,
> I saw this option but did not consider this as it requires another set
> of configurations(class + attributes to migrate).
> As I have everything configured in the LDAP Driver (schema mapping,
> filters, policies), it doesn't look ok to do another configuration in
> the Migration option(also what would be the migration criteria...all the
> classes that a User has in Sun LDAP and all their attributes or is it
> about Novell...I'm confused here). Would my driver configurations still
> be used?

This is a one time search filter only, just add your user class, no attributes.
That will generate an event for every user and than the driver will processes
these events like any other event. If you want to try it with a single object
first, add your user class and a search attribute e.g. cn=mytestuserinsunone.
Only for users with cn=mytestuserinsunone will then be migrated.