On 7/17/2012 10:16 PM, gregwilkerson wrote:
> Hello,
> My environment: IDM 3.6.1; JDBC driver connected to SQL Server 2008 R2
> using a standard user account
> Let me start by saying this has been working very well up until last
> Wednesday.
> I'm at a loss. I have a JDBC driver that is throwing the message in
> the post title. The driver is set to poll every 10 seconds, and it sets
> ONE event log record status to 'E' at each poll. No data is flowing
> into eDirectory.
> I've tried clearing and setting the driver passwords. I haven't
> rebuild the certificates, as I don't think they come into play with a
> JDBC driver (am I right?).

Yes and no. You do not require certs, but best to SSL encrypt the
engine tro RL comms. But not related to this issue.

> The exact text of the message is: "Table 'Employee' is either undefined
> or unconstrained." The actual table in the database is
> "dirxml.Employee". In the driver configuration, the table names (there
> are two of them) are: "dirxml.Employee,dirxml.ADGroup". Why the
> schema/owner name is missing puzzles me, but I can't recall if the
> schema name missing in the status message from the driver is normal or
> not.

Unconstrained may mean in the DB it does not like something.

> Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a DSTrace capturing the
> messages from driver start-up to the processing of one or two event log
> records. I don't see a way to attach it, though.

Try http://susepaste.org/ to paste a log file.