I would suggest the approach that ab mention in his reply.

If you have two (or more) servers bound to the same driver set you can define your own logical groups and run some drivers on
one server and other drivers on the second server.

The big disadvantage of two driver sets is that one server can't be bound to both. If you get a server failure you will always
have the possibility to move drivers from one server to another in a one driver set approach. With more than one driver set you
will have to move the driver from one driver set to another to get it running on another server which is a much more complicated
process (probably impossible if one server is down).

Best regards,
On 2012-07-18 12:16, rtruscot wrote:
> Hey all,
> Thinking about splitting our realtime drivers (authentication trees,
> hr, roles and such) from the batch extracts/subscriber only txt drivers
> into separate driver sets in our Vault.
> Anyone out there doing this or seen something like it?
> Main rational would be to improve operational administration, smaller
> heap size foot print on the heavy load realtime box, easier
> maintenance/patching on the batch based driver set boxes.
> iManager has become unwieldily with so many drivers so looking to make
> life easier and more stable.
> I guess one negative would be that we could not apply entitlements on
> drivers in the second driver set with our Entitlement granting agents.