Is there any interest in an IDM user group?

Specifically, what I am thinking is, it might be interesting to get
together (perhaps piggy back on something else) either in person, or
Webex'y style nonsense, and talk about IDM. Perhaps have people present
either ideas, projects, examples, interesting tidbits, in a slightly
more private format than the forum, or CS.

For example: You might be comfortable talking about some cute/clever
thing you figured out to a group of people you know, vs posting it in
the forum for everyone (Google specifically) to see.

perhaps with an appropriate style NDA agreememnt? I dunno. See if we
could suck in NetIQ resources as well?

Novell had a Customer Council for IDM back in 2007-2009 time frame,
where large customers, would do a regular call with Dev/Engineering, in
order to get real world feedback.

We have been asking them to resurect that and they keep saying, ya that
would be cool. But I do not see it happening yet. Thus, those who can
do, those who can't consult, so why not just do this ourselves.

My thinking initially was just harvest the obvious names from the
forums. You all know who you are. (If you never post, you ain't one of
them. Just go sort this newsgroup by posting numbers and you can guess
95% of the names I had in mind). But we all know appropriate quiet
folk who cannot talk publically...

I know who to ask at NetIQ/Novell to get us access, but I am not sure if
there is interest. What say you folk?