On 7/20/2012 7:56 AM, rajeshemailto wrote:
> Greetings for the Day!
> We are looking for resources to integrate PUM 2.3.1 with IDM 4.0.2. I
> search thru different known sources but failed to locate useful
> document.

What do you mean by integrate?

Do you wish to use NPUM to protect the srvers running your IDM system?

Do you wish to populate users and roles into the NPUM system? Perhaps
have a Server Admin role, that when granted in IDM/RBPM, results in an
NPUM profile with proper permissions?

That would be interesting, never tried. I do not know what the
underlying DB/auth system on NPUM is. Aaron?

> Does anyone know, how to integrate PUM with IDM 4.0.2? Even if you can
> provide some starting point to do that it would be gr8.
> Cheers!