Must be missing something.

Using the JMS driver and trying to put messages in a Queue.

We put the messages in, but then the driver takes them back out.

Pretty sure this is a config issue, but way too many otpions are
present to figure it out.
(more fodder for to the practcal example part of a knowledge base for

And the dociumentation is a bit confusing as to the context:
"Destination mode: Select whether the destination is used to send or
receive messages."
Is this the Queue perspective or the driver?

We see this in trace:
[07/25/12 08:26:42.989]ms-jms ST: Sent.
[07/25/12 08:26:42.989]ms-jms ST:END Send message
[07/25/12 08:26:42.989]ms-jms ST:BEGIN Waiting for reply
[07/25/12 08:26:42.990]ms-jms ST: Waiting for reply from destination
@uniqueID='subReceive', @jndiName='iamjms' on broker 'WebSphere MQ 6'.
[07/25/12 08:26:42.990]ms-jms ST: Reply destination message selector
is null.
[07/25/12 08:26:42.990]ms-jms ST: Using wait implementation.
[07/25/12 08:26:42.990]ms-jms ST: Waiting for up to 10 seconds.
[07/25/12 08:26:42.991]ms-jms ST: Received message from destination
@uniqueID='subReceive', @jndiName='iamjms' on broker 'WebSphere MQ 6'.
[07/25/12 08:26:42.991]ms-jms ST: Received message:
MSMessageID: ID:414d51204150504445563031202020200905f64f036c062 0
JMSCorrelationID: ID:4064723d343538333244343943423446343842454538393 4
[07/25/12 08:26:42.992]ms-jms ST: Message is NOT anticipated reply.

I fail to understand in a messages passwing system, why we would ever
receive from a Queue setup?
Is the message not ALWAYS intended for a different recipenent?


Thank You for your help!

Jim Willeke