> My question comes about Where to deploy the Remote Loader. Since
> Win2008 introduces changes in the MS Domain/Forest Environment (schema,
> LDAP, and some others), the question came up as to where the Remote
> Loader should be.
> I believe the answer is to leave the RL where it is at the moment, in
> Win2003, since everything flows from eDir to MAD, but i would like to
> hear opinions on the subject.

Does not matter. Member server or DC both work. (Config is minorly
different in those two cases).

> I read a thread about deploying the pwfilter.dll on the DCs... Do I
> have to deploy them on all of them? Is it necessary to deploy it on all
> of them because of password change traffic comes to the nearest Domain
> controller when issued from a Domain-networked PC?

You would think that is true, but since it is not 100% if you want 100%
password change coverage, then you need it on all DC's.