On Wed, 25 Jul 2012 13:36:01 +0000, miguelvelizven wrote:

> My question comes about Where to deploy the Remote Loader. Since Win2008
> introduces changes in the MS Domain/Forest Environment (schema, LDAP,
> and some others), the question came up as to where the Remote Loader
> should be.

Doesn't matter. It's easiest if you put it on a DC, but it doesn't matter
which one.

> I read a thread about deploying the pwfilter.dll on the DCs... Do I have
> to deploy them on all of them?


> Is it necessary to deploy it on all of
> them because of password change traffic comes to the nearest Domain
> controller when issued from a Domain-networked PC?

No, it doesn't. Password changes go to _a_ DC in the domain, not
necessarily any particular one. The filter _must_ be installed on all DCs
in the domain or you _will_ lose password changes from MAD.

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