On 7/26/2012 11:46 AM, celsolima wrote:
> Does anybody know if that company called CosmosKey that sells (or used
> to sell) a version of the GoogleApps driver is still in business? Their
> site is still up, but nobody seems to be answering the phone or replying
> to e-mails. If anybody knows anything about them, let me know.

I have not heard a peep in a while, but then I did not have a lot of

I can speak well of the Novell driver, having watched it be implemented
is a foolishly large environment and succeed and scale in very amusing ways.

I know there are other such drivers from other vendors, but based on
what I have seen, the Novell sold one (Really written by Consensus, who
may be a bunch of goofy folk in person, but appear to be quite competent
technically) is probably up there in terms of support and capabilities.