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> jwilleke;2210089 Wrote:
>> When looking form iManager or form Designer, and trying to setup a new
>> job, the only Job options I see are Health and Password Expiraiton.
>> Using IDM 4.01.
>> Where do I find the other pre-configured jobs?
>> How could I install them?
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>> Thank You for your help!
>> -jim
>> Jim Willeke

> Designer 4.02 included 3 types of job:
> *Random Password Generator*: Generates a random password for each
> object in the jobs scope. The password is generated by NMAS to match
> the Password Policy object that the job references. These Password
> Policy objects are not usually the same as those used for eDirectory
> user password policies.
> The job submits the generated passwords one at a time to the drivers
> Subscriber channel. The Subscriber channel policies must do something
> useful with the passwords.
> *Schedule Driver*: Starts or stops the associated driver. You can also
> toggle a driver to start the driver if it is stopped or to stop the
> driver if it is running.
> *Subscriber Channel Trigger*: Submits zero or more trigger documents to
> the Subscriber channel. The submission can either be a document per
> object if a scope is defined, or it can be a single trigger event if no
> scope is defined.
> Try to add new job in Designer (Select Driver>New Job ... >)

When I
> Try to add new job in Designer (Select Driver>New Job ... >

All I see, under the "Installed" are "Driver Health" and Password
Expiraiton Notice" jobs.

And I see in the 4.0.1 documentation shows the following:

"Identity Manager includes the following predefined jobs:

Telemetry: The Telemetry agent uses an XML file to collect details
about the installed Identity
Manager software, hardware, and usage of Identity Manager drivers in
the customer

Driver Health: Evaluates the health conditions for the driver, assigns
the health state, and
carries out any actions associated with the health state.

Password Expiration Notification: Sends e-mail notifications to users
whose passwords are
about to expire.

Random Password Generator: Generates a random password for identified objects.

Schedule Driver: Starts or stops the driver.

Subscriber Channel Trigger: Submits XML documents to the Subscriber
channel to trigger

Which looks like 6 predefined jobs.

Regardless, I only see two in both Designer and iManager.

How can I add one of the others?


Thank You for your help!

Jim Willeke