On 8/7/2012 3:36 PM, eden silva wrote:
> hi, I work a jdbc driver in IDM4.0
> I want to store in a LocalVariable the value of the date + 30 days
> for example: 07/08/2012 + 30 days = 07/09/2012

Convert the start date to CTIME in a variable. This is a count of
seconds since 1970, then use XPATH to add the number of seconds you need.

Or just use Convert Time token in IDM 3.61 and higher (not in 3.6, it
has Convert time but not the offset feature) and specify an offset.
Convert from your format to the same format but add an offset of 30 days.

Recall that Convert Time is a verb token, so needs a noun to perform its
action upon, so nest a local variable, or op-attr token to provide the
input it needs.