adnowak wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm implementing a GroupWise Driver. I can create users and mail
> addresses. But when I try to login in a GroupWise Client, it let me
> login only once. At the second attempt, a message "User ID xxxx not
> found". User have uniqueID setted and a valid password with a correct
> Password Expiration Time. The account is not desabled.
> If a create manually a user in GroupWise with ConsoleOne, user can
> login normally.

It's probably worthwile posting this in the groupwise forums as well as
to find out there's a fair bit of groupwise troubleshooting involved.

I'd set the POA log to verbose and have a look what happens on first
login and any subsequent login. It sounds very weird it works first
time but not second time. Check if there's any ADM messages from the
MTA to the POA after the first login