On 8/13/2012 5:56 AM, nkululeko wrote:
> Greetings all
> I am running idm 4.0.1 and edirectory 8.8.6 on sles 11sp1 .
> Whats the best way of replicating the drivers between master server and
> a read write server .The driver set is partitioned
> i have deployed the drivers on the master server and added a secondary
> server later . I checked the drivers on the read write server and they
> are some driver configurations missing .
> I had to copy the driver configurations from master server to
> readwrite server . Is there a smarter way of doing deploying the drivers
> without having to copy from my master server .

You have run into the Server Specific attributes. They do not
replicate. This is so ServerA can have a DirXML-AuthenticationContext
value that differs from ServerB.

Use Designer to migrate from one server to another. Or else just copy
the settings in Designer. Takes only a minute or two per driver.