On Mon, 30 Jul 2012 20:56:02 +0000, chwjim wrote:

> I hate posting threads like this because it always means that I had
> something happen in my environment that I am unaware of, and I am
> looking to the list to help me figure it out. I know that a couple
> weeks ago this was working without a problem, and I have no idea,
> despite looking at oodles of things to find an answer, what caused it.
> Basically, add events come through the JDBC Pub Channel looking normal.
> Modify events have the escape character '<' in place of all "less
> than" signs.

Level 3 (or maybe higher, like 5) trace - are you seeing this there as
well? Post the whole trace (sanitized as needed) to pastebin.com so we
can see it.

Unless this is JDBC driver specific behaviour, I have no real idea where
it's coming from. The trace is written by Java, but the JVM used is the
one installed by IDM, so nothing there should have changed.

> It seems like the add /modify events never complete
> because it is picking up the escape character as a literal when it is
> trying to form the CN being submitted. (My lead theory).

Shouldn't be. The trace shows the serialized (text) representation of the
DOM in memory. The actual DOM could be wrong, I guess, but then we're
back to something weird going on in your environment.

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