To clarify, with IDM 4.02 there are now TWO eDir drivers. The two
piece, legacy driver, and a new single driver eDir driver. (Called
Bidirectional eDir driver).

You are using the BiDir (single piece) driver.

Which is basically an LDAP driver with an add on for eDir to support
Changelog in eDir.

On 8/14/2012 1:16 PM, pkoochin wrote:
> I've just started installing IDM 4.0.2 into a new test environment and
> I'm running into a problem that is quite confusing to me.
> I'm using the canned eDir2eDir driver to sync between our IDVault and a
> test eDir Tree. For now I'm just using a flat/flat configuration to make
> sure that I've got all the plumbing flowing properly.
> Things that work:
> I can create a user in the IDVault in the configured container
> ( and it creates them in the appropriate container in the
> eDir tree (ou=idm,o=sgi).
> I can delete that user from the IDVault and it will delete the user
> from the eDir tree
> I can that user from the eDir tree and it will delete the user from the
> IDVault (This tells me that changelog is working as the delete event is
> being picked up. Also, that my defined scoped is appropriate.
> Things that don't work:
> If I create a user in eDir tree it won't get created in the IDVault
> If I modify a user in the eDir tree and it won't get created in the
> IDVault
> In both these cases I get the following from the DIRXML Trace from
> ChangeLog:
> DriverID[2133]: Either Out of scope event or modified by drivers
> subscriber chanel...Ignoring
> I should also mention that there is nothing showing up in the trace on
> the IDVault side for these events, this only shows up on the connected
> eDir's traces.
> This out of scope error is confusing me as clearly the scope is defined
> because the events from the vault to the tree are ending up in the
> correct place and the delete events are being picked up.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?