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Hmm............... I'm more than a little skeptical that this was the
cause of anything... I've definitely synchronized users on the Publisher
channel of the bidirectional driver (just last week in fact) without
anything challenge/response-ish set. The message that you originally
stated is the biggest clue:

Either Out of scope event or modified by drivers subscriber

So, how does the engine know that this was modified by the subscriber
channel, especially when it WASN'T modified by the subscriber channel.
Take a second to think it through...




Okay, hopefully you've come up with the following conclusion. The way
we know if somebody did something is that... they are the
modifier/creator/whatever. I know, no-kidding. In your case the
Subscriber didn't do it, but who does your driver run as when connecting
in via LDAP? Admin perhaps? Who were you using to create your test
users in your eDirectory (non-ID Vault) tree? Admin perhaps? In both
cases all that the target eDirectory tree saw was admin doing something,
and all the changelog then picked up was admin doing something, which
you have probably prevented by enabling loopback prevention in the
driver config (in the vault) which is then sent over to the changelog
portion during the driver's connection to the remote eDirectory tree via
LDAP. This same type of thing happens, as I recall, with the loopback
protection within the Domino shim. This is one of many great reasons to
ALWAYS use a user specific to a task for a given task, for example a
user with specific rights in an environment to do IDM-ish things in that
environment (NOT a super-admin, or any admin that you use regularly).

Or maybe I'm wrong entirely, but I don't think so.

Good luck.
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