I've got IDM 3.6.1 vault with a JDCB to Oracle 11g pushing user info
and passwords into the indirect table. All works fine.

However, we need to get Oracle Advanced Security (OAS) running and are
having a few problems.

For starters the oracle side can only be set to accept OAS, it can't be
set to reuire as this causes problems with other clients connecting.

Next, where in the driver are the parameters set ? I have seen
reference that they are added to the jdbc url. So something like:


Doing this appears to work but the trace doesn't give any indication
that teh connection is encrypted and the DB guys are not able to tell me
from the server side either. Maybe a wire trace to see if the network
traffic can be sniffed would be another alternative

Thanks in advance
Ian Vine
Swansea University

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