Here is a product I bet most of you never heard of, but really, really
should be using!

This is a test tool for IDM!

It runs on your local machine, you develop test cases in its Web UI
(stored config in JSON format in a text file).

Then you can run the test, and see if it succeeds.

This means you can simulate what your HR system does to create a new
user, then check it made it to the IDV, then out to the LDAP tree in
the right place with the right password, then on to AD, then on to some
other system, and so on.

Not 100% coverage of connection types, but it does the high end ones.
LDAP, eDir, AD (ok all could be the same connector), basic HTTP, JDBC,
text files, local exes.

This way when you make a change you can validate it did not break
something unexpected.

Very useful tool. Licensing may be odd, but the demo version will help
you understand it.