Win2K8 (maybe R2? Not entirely sure), with eDir/IDM4.0.1.1 on Red Hat.

We have an attr in AD, that when it changes we event (Pub channel).

So far so good. But we have 70K such values we need to change. Testing
with a few, works great. Events, IDM processes. perfect.

Run an LDIF with 5000 of them and they keep coming, same event, again
and again and again, sometimes 38 minutes apart (I assumed a stargate
was involved somehow), sometimes other time frames. But it does
eventually trickle off. Seems like 5-10 times before stopping. (I am
trying to track down actual # of DC's to see if it is a integer multiple
of number of DC's...)

I tracked down the DirSync cookie, and it looks different on each
iteration. I.e. I assumed first a bad dirsync cookie so it kept
replaying from the bad cookie that was not changing, but I do not think
that is the case since it is different in each case. At least in the
encoded versions. (looks like there is structured data in there, and
around the 5-10th chars keep changing.)

Not sure what else to look at on this one. It seems repeatable, but I
have never seen this before.