I've got two question concerning the GCVs.

1. Can I define a GCV that way, that its subordinates are only shown,
if a certain value is NOT selected? i.e. only if NOT "None" is
I know how to show GCVs if a condition is one of two options, but what
if I have something like that:

Create homeDir?
Options: None, static, dynamic

And only if NOT 'None' is selected I want to see the subordinates.
Subordinates for 'static' and 'dynamic' are the same.

2. Concerning IDM4: I can create new GCV objects and they are shown to
me as new tabs beyond Properties->GCVs. I can name these freely by
entering a different value into their displayNames.
Can I also change the 'displayName' of the builtIn GCV object or has it
always the drivers name set as its displayName?

Kind regards,

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